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Thousands were the most popular form of smoking among smokers for a long time, the typical thousand barrels were made by taking a cigarette, pulling out the tobacco and inserting herbs in its place, along with… some secret ingredient. That's it, you will get a simple “Pun” on the roll of cigarette paper and most of the time it has tobacco mixed with it.

But marijuana cigarettes can be unpalatable for many smokers who want to avoid tobacco or some of the addictive chemicals that may or may not be present in 7-11 cigarettes.

Therefore, many brands of rolling paper in the market are made without the slightest bit of tobacco. But produced from pure hemp, as the name suggests. "Hemp paper"

Hemp paper is a beautiful gift that the universe has given to the world. Because in addition to being made from all natural ingredients It also contains the physical components that made marijuana cigarettes so popular. Plus, some brands have a free gift with a small amount of CBD as well.

You can find catalogs for many different types of cigarette paper here. Most of our products are made from hemp. There are also special products in the form of golden rolling paper. In case you feel like putting some gold on the back of the Buddha image during smoking But no matter what it is made of The wrapping paper here is the most special.

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Showing all 2 results